Adept ambient intelligence lab

trakkies is building Europe's first advanced Ambient Intelligence / IoT lab at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam. 

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what is adept?

a micro-electronics makerspace

Makerspaces are plentiful, but none of them supply the resources to build true micro-electronics. Prototyping can only be done with expensive commercial companies, and may take months in stead of days. Lets cut the fat and share the resources.

a connected experimenting environment

Testing electronics and connectivity requires a scientific approach. By building a rapidly reconfigurable space with all the connectivity one finds in the modern world, these scientific tests can be done quickly and with meaning. Then, the real world is just around the corner.

a digital decision support facility

As the world becomes more connected, our potential ability to provide real time digital decision support increases. ADEPT facilitates the research and data generation needed to progress digital decision support to true Ambient Intelligence levels.

an innovation community

ADEPT and the Marineterrein form the epicentre of innovation in Amsterdam, bringing together Startups and Corporates, Academics and Consumers. This breeding ground for open innovation provides the ecosystem so badly needed for any centre of excellence.

Our Adept partners

About adept

On the grounds of the newly opened Marineterrein in Amsterdam, trakkies is realizing the ADEPT Ambient Intelligence LAB: a 550m2 integrated research and test lab for all things wireless and digital for the newly  connected world .

ADEPT closely cooperates with the Marineterrein, the iBeacon Living Lab by Glimworm and the Amsterdam Smart City Experience Lab to create an in- and outdoor semi-controlled  real world testing area in the heart of Amsterdam. It is home to a growing community of high-tech startups and promotes citizen participation to boost innovation in the area.
ADEPT Lab is a combination of micro-electronics makerspace and connectivity lab, making it a breeding ground for next generation IoT-development and its smarter brother: Ambient Intelligence.
The core proposition is an open multi-protocol/signal environment to create and test solutions and their sustainability in the interactive world of tomorrow, where everything is connected, and solve the resulting complications.

Trakkies award winning plan has found a home and is looking for partners at the forefront of Ambient Intelligence and Internet-of-Things.

"How can an IoT startup be lean, if their development isn't?"

What is ambient intelligence?

In an ambient intelligence world, devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their everyday life activities, tasks and rituals in an easy, natural way using information and intelligence that is hidden in the network connecting these devices. As these devices grow smaller, more connected and more integrated into our environment, the technology disappears into our surroundings until only the user interface remains perceivable by users.

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