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add intelligence.

With trakkies, transform your personal world into an intelligent environment around you. Seamless link the physical to digital worlds, to react and interact, and help the day go smooth.

trakkies enable intelligent environments.

get smarter.

human intelligence.

look around, the world speaks. are you listening?

smarten your world.

hello world, meet trakkies.

Ambient Awareness

Make your office fun and smart

Create endless interaction with a line of products that enable users to create and populate personal digital ecosystems, supporting a more efficient, collaborative and fun work environments. Leave messages, create games, use positive social reinforcements, create teams to communicate more natural.

A new level of Interaction

Create a smart environment for your business

We link all nodes together, arriving at a previously unreachable level of connectivity, known as ambient intelligence. Think of it as a world of smart things working together for you. trakkies. makes simple ambient technology comprised of ad-hoc wireless multi-channel 3D mesh geo-social networks.

Cost reductions, efficiency increases

Intelligent environment will reduce your operations costs

at trakkies. we design, build and enable the world's most advanced spatial networks. By using patent pending technology, unique to our platform, trakkies. has developed a truly revolutionary approach to digitalizing the world around you.