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data leads interaction.

we build ambient intelligence, like a house of experience where data is the glue.

At trakkies, data has always lead our innovation efforts. We started with a new way to describe the physical world, and went from there. Our current interest includes solving context, and encoding it. Crossing many platform, standards, technologies and methods, we combine the best approach to address the end goal: intelligence in your environment.

the future will be built.

we build smart environment one piece at a time.

At trakkies we have been building nodes, gateways and everything in-between since we started. Early on we realised the Internet of things we will built, not bought. From there we pushed farther through physical Internet to ambient technology; where we are at now; and brief stop before building the technology required for ambient intelligence.

experience matters.

we use technology as the enabler, not the end result.

At trakkies, we research, design and engineer the human experience throughout intelligent environments. We found the only way to ensure consistent experience was to construct it; from the first interaction through to the last point of contacts; intelligent environments of the future will be all about experience.

We adjust our process to your requirements. the journey  may start anywhere, but typically includes consultancy, business case creation, prototyping, field validation, full scale production of hardware and software, and ongoing implementation and services.Nobody knows your company and opportunities like you do, and that's the only thing you should worry about.  We handle every step of the process for you, so you can focus on your company. With your knowledge of your business and our expertise in IoT, we can build the future together.

No matter what your business is, adding a layer of intelligent computing can provide insight in the processes that matter to you.